Electrical vehicle charging stations have made their way into the limelight of everyday city commuters. Chicago is a sprawling city with over 9 million people living in the greater Chicagoland area which opens the opportunity to great a growing demand for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations that accompanies many questions. There is one question that seems to stand out and be the most popular within this sub-community in Chicago.

Is a Permit Necessary for EV Chargers?

Yes, it is true permits are a component in the EV installation process. According to Drive Electric Chicago, the good news is the action of obtaining a permit can be done by an electrical contractor through the City of Chicago1. A to Z Electric Co. is a team of licensed electricians that is qualified and well adapted to this procedure. This promotes an easy way to ensure the process is smooth and well organized for multi-unit dwelling owners as well as homeowners, so there is no need for a headache-induced process. Now that we know a permit is mandatory, let’s find out how to make this course of action the most cost-efficient by learning about the types of charging stations.

What is Level 1 Charging?

This type of charging incorporates a 120 Volt outlet. This type of voltage is commonly found in residential settings which does not necessarily require an installation unless a 120V line is not presently found. A to Z Electric Co. can be of service if a new circuit is needed to be installed.

Level 1 vs Level 2 Charging:

A level 2 charger is a more modernized version of the level 1 since the charge may be shrunken to a quick 3 hours compared to 10 hours on a level 1 charger. The main distinction of a level 2 charger is that it utilizes a 240V line instead of a 120V. These circuits are not commonly found in a residential or multi-unit garages which requires a new line installation. This new circuit will mostly likely require a sub panel, in addition, to a two-pole breaker.

Why is Level 3 Charging so Special?

The final charging option is the most up to date charging station that demands for 480 volts. This Direct Current (DC) as known as fast charging, can substantially charge an EV in a mere 30 minutes. One reason these exist are for public stations, such as commercial properties.

The multitude of charging stations can be considered when looking at price, location, vehicle usage, and vehicle type. As the rise of demand increased for EV installations, we at A to Z Electric Co. want to make sure there is sustainable knowledge to make a sound decision as a homeowner or building owner. Here are the following ways to get the ball rolling when considering an Electric Vehicle.

Steps for EV Installation for Chicago residents and building owners:

  • The needs of the resident or building owner for charging
  • Calling an electrical contractor and making sure they are licensed
  • Look for rebate programs that are offered by the state, in addition, to contact ComEd to notify as a customer for an EV registration
  • Obtain a permit by the City of Chicago, which can be done through an electrical licensed contractor, A to Z Electric Co.
  • Find the location of the EV charging station organized in a manner through residents’ accessibility and proximity to a source of electricity
  • Install the new circuit and charger required for the type of electrical station, and power up!

If you’re in the market for an Electrical Vehicle Charging Station, I hope this article has been insightful. Our company is there to make your life easier when choosing the correct route when electricity is involved. New circuitry can be intimidating, and even more so when cost is involved. It is always crucial to partake in your own research and remember to take in factors such as energy needs, location, daily vehicle use, and building regulations.

Consider A to Z Electric Co., for we can further assist in any questions you may have about EV installations and permit requirements. Call us at 773-286-4500, even for just a quick consultation with our licensed electricians. It is important to stay up to date since city codes can change for residential and commercial properties.


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