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Underground Power Line Services in Chicago, IL

Serving All of Chicagoland and Surrounding Areas

Underground power lines are more popular than ever before, and for good reason — they’re well-protected, and they’re out of sight. With that being said, they’re also more difficult to work on. A to Z Electric Company has been providing the Chicago, IL, area with underground power line services for over 50 years, and our underground line services have become the most trusted in the area.

What are Underground Lines?

Electricity has traditionally been carried from the power plants to individual homes through power cables held in the air by massive poles. This type of system is easy to establish, but such lines are easily damaged by the elements.

Over time, our nation has slowly transitioned to using underground lines. These lines are much safer than traditional power lines, and they don’t clutter the skyline with poles and wires. However, underground line services can be very difficult because much of the area needs to be dug up in order to properly service the line.

What is Our Underground Line Service Process?

Underground power line services require specialized experience and equipment. Locating the damaged section of line is easy if the damage was caused by digging equipment, but if the damage was caused by something like an earthquake, a specialist will need to use an open/short locator. They will then mark the ground to signify the location of the damage.

Once the damage is located, the electrical supply will need to be temporarily turned off. If necessary, digging equipment will be used to reach the break. The damaged sections of the line will be trimmed away, and the two ends will be spliced together. This area will then be reinforced and protected. Finally, if necessary, the displaced earth will be replaced.

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