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If your house is over 50 years old, you’ve probably noticed a variety of wiring problems, such as flickering lights, hot or burnt outlets, or light fixtures that just won’t stay lit. These problems are usually caused by old wiring.

For electrical rewiring in Chicago, IL, contact A to Z Electric Co. Whether you need just one room or your entire home rewired, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done.

Why Rewiring Is Necessary

For a while in the mid-1900s, homes were built with aluminum wiring instead of copper. At the time, however, aluminum wire was installed in the same way as copper, which led to a variety of problems.

Aluminum wiring doesn’t age well. When copper wiring rusts, the oxidation is electrically conductive. Aluminum, on the other hand, doesn’t create a conductive oxidation. Therefore, as aluminum wiring ages, it loses its conductivity and doesn’t deliver enough power to your appliances, especially large appliances such as air conditioners and smart home automation.

Aluminum also expands and contracts more than copper does, causing the wires to move and creating potential danger for electrical fires.

While modern homes also use aluminum wiring, the installation process is more specific to the unique properties of aluminum. When you hire A to Z Electric Co. for rewiring, we’ll take a look at your home’s wiring system to see what kind of overhaul you need.

Sometimes, only parts of your home’s electrical system will need to be replaced, but if you have an old home or have experienced a lot of problems, you may need your entire home rewired. Rewiring can make your home both safer and more energy efficient and can even help increase its value.

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