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In today’s digital age, more homeowners than ever are choosing to upgrade their homes to include smart features like remote access controls, high-tech alarms, and energy-efficient lighting options. One of the most common and potentially beneficial smart options available for residential use is the home intercom system.

Intercom systems can provide households of any size with numerous advantages at a cost-effective price.

Whether an intercom is your only planned renovation or the first step in a whole-home upgrade masterplan, understanding residential intercoms can ensure that you make confident and informed decisions about this installation.

Benefits of Home Intercoms

For many homeowners, an intercom provides advantages that can lead to peace of mind or simply a more optimized living space. A residential intercom system can provide your household with the following benefits:

  • Added property value. While you likely won’t move out right after upgrading your home, putting in smart home features can translate to a higher resale value in the future.
  • Enhanced child monitoring. Many intercom systems have the option to link to multiple areas of the home, not just the front entry. Some homeowners put a link in the backyard to improve communication with and monitoring of their children at play.
  • Expanded home entertainment systems. If you choose to invest in an intercom system that has speakers in several rooms, you can use these speakers as you would a music system to create ambiance and provide entertainment.
  • Improved security. The primary value of residential intercoms is in their ability to screen visitors before allowing them in. You can even link a video intercom to a security camera. Additionally, many would-be thieves and vandals avoid homes with visible smart home upgrades, which makes your home less of a target.
  • Increased day-to-day convenience. When you have a room-to-room intercom system, you increase the convenience of your daily routine. You can wake your children up for school, call the family for dinner, and find a family member when he or she has a visitor without leaving your current task.

While an intercom system can potentially enhance any house, these systems are particularly useful in homes with entrance gates, multiple wings, several stories, or higher-than-average security concerns.

Reasons to Have Intercoms Professionally Installed

With the resources available online, many homeowners assume that they can handle any home improvement project themselves. While you may be up to the challenge of repairing a leak or patching drywall, you should not attempt to DIY any task that requires electrical work.

When you choose to put in a home intercom system, finding a qualified professional to handle the installation is the obvious decision. This choice ensures that:

  • All new electronic components are fully compatible with your existing wiring
  • All parts are assessed for functionality before they’re installed
  • Intercom system configuration makes sense in the context of your home
  • The installation does not leave your home with costly cosmetic, structural, or wiring damage
  • The installation does not take longer than necessary
  • Use of the intercom does not overtax your electrical system and cause shorts or outages
  • You and your family are at virtually no risk of harm caused by electrical shock or fires

As you consider investing in a home intercom system, ask for estimates on the cost of the installation service from prospective electricians. Treat this cost as part of your budget for the project as a whole.

Process of Intercom System Installation

Once you have decided to put in a home intercom system and have partnered with a professional electrician, you’re ready to schedule the installation. The length of time required for the installation depends on how many areas you plan to connect and the type of connections the system you’ve chosen requires.

Your electrician can provide an estimate on how much labor time you should expect. You will most likely not need to leave the house or take many preparatory steps before the installation except to clear the area around each new intercom station.

To wire the system in, your electrician will need to remove portions of the drywall to fit the boxes and cables between the wall studs. When finished, the intercom box should sit flush against the wall.

Because installation requires access to the inside of your walls, you may want to consider scheduling this service when you are renovating, restoring a fire- or flood-damaged part of your home, or building a new home to your specifications.

If you decide that a home intercom system could benefit you and your family, weigh your system type options. Your choice of intercom system may depend on your intended use for the system, home size, or budgetary constraints.

When you are ready to proceed with the installation, reach out to an experienced electrician who handles this wiring service. This professional can also assist you if you need professional recommendations before making your final intercom system decision.

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